Treadmill Toiler

Treadmill Toiler

So I have vowed to run every day despite the weather outside. No, I’m not going to brag about my mental toughness running in -35 degrees. C’mon people that is insane! Instead I have succumbed to the fact that I have to be a slave to the treadmill. I hate treadmill running and would much prefer to be outside along the lake or running through the streets of the city. But even me, the marathon runner who runs in rain or snow has fallen victim to old man winter. I have actually enjoyed it and have worked on my speed and setting goals to change it up. I am at 7 miles in one hour, which is good for me! So I’ll keep on trotting on the treadmill until it warms up a few more degrees. To those of you who are doing outside runs, good for you and I’m sure you will be ready for your next Siberian Marathon :)!


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