Happy Summer, Running Summer = Happy Girl!

Wow, good morning! It’s been awhile since I last posted and was thinking it’s time to do so! Summer has kept me busy or should I say summer running has kept me busy! I’ve already completed my first marathon of 2014, that makes number 4! I recently ran in the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN on June 21st. Man, it was a beautiful and fantastic race. I had such a positive experience and was motivated to be around other runners and a community cheering us all  on! The views would have been simply breathtaking if there hadn’t been fog and drizzle, but that made for the perfect running conditions and made it feel like a land of Narnia! Pretty cool…I ran a 4:30 time and that was better than I had thought I would do. I tend to make compulsive decisions at times and this was one of them. I decided in March with 12 weeks before the race that I was going to run the marathon. If you are a runner, you know this isn’t ideal for training, but certainly possible. On top of that, my busy schedule with work kept me from being on top of my weekday runs. So all in all, I was very happy with my time and that I even finished it! My next race is the Chicago Rock N Roll Half Marathon next weekend and then I’m signed up for the Mapleleaf Half Marathon in Lacrosse, WI in Sept.

Before the marathon, I attended the runner’s expo and packet pickup and while I was there, I fell in love with the Garmin 220. I was sold on it and have always wanted one, but when the man selling them went to look in the box, they were sold out. So then I had it in my mind that I wanted this watch, and went alllll over Duluth looking for this watch. It could not be found and I was bummed that I didn’t have it for the race. I ordered it online and it awaited me when I arrived home. I was really lucky to have a partner for 18 miles who had a garmin and was pacing us! Love my Garmin and recommend that every runner have one if they can get one.

The last couple of runs, I have been feeling a bit of pain along the inside of my ankle and arch of my foot. I read up on this and this is likely mild posterior tibilial tendinitis. I ran 10 miles today and didn’t have too much pain! Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a more serious injury!

Have a GREAT Sunday everyone!!!

Orecchiette with Zucchini




A holiday on the other side of the world is all well and good, but then there’s the jetlag to contend with.  Currently, sleeping through the night is somewhat of a challenge and staying awake at work is only achieved with multiple cups of coffee and not allowing myself to sit down for too long, anywhere.  These are the times that I am thankful that I do not have a desk job.


Gradually, my brain is convincing my baffled body that night is day and day is night.  Is it just my imagination that this transition gets more challenging the older I get?

The plus side to being wide awake against my will at some unearthly time is that it gives me a few unaccounted for hours with which to do things.  My hunger pangs led me to trawl through the pantry before the sun was even up and…

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Yum-o Veggie Melt!


I made up this great veggie melt today and I wanted to share.

I’m always looking to make new things as a veggie. For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been a vegetarian since January 2013 and haven’t turned back!

This veggie melt has eggplant (cooked first), Parmesan cheese, spinach, avocado, and a tid bit of mayo on whole grain bread.

No Chip Manicure…be gone!!!


I learned this trick at the nail salon after paying $10 to get a no chip manicure removed! Take some cotton soaked in nail polish remover and then wrap your finger in tin foil. Leave it on for 10 mins and then remove polish!

If the Apostle Paul could pray for you, here is what he would say (I think)


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cross sunsetI am preaching through the book of Ephesians at River City, and I was really moved by the the prayer of the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 3.14-21. Here he is praying for the Christ-followers in Ephesus, and it is filled with beautiful and moving imagery.

I’ve read a lot of books on prayer over the years, and I’ve discovered that this particular prayer has been a favorite throughout the centuries. Many fervent students have found this to be as moving of a prayer as anything in the Bible, and it is easy for me to see why.

As I reflected on this prayer over the past few weeks, I found myself imagining that the Apostle Paul was not just praying for believers in 1st century Ephesus, but that he was also praying for believers today. I imagined him praying for the body of believers that I am part…

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